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Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Event Free?

Yes.  The Count on Success Summit presentations are 100% free to you if you listen in every 24 hours as each new speaker’s session is posted.  Even after 24 hours, you can still access and download each speaker’s free gifts.

If you miss a presentation during the 24 hours it’s available, you can buy it for $27 or purchase the whole event series for either $97 while the event is going on, or $147 after the month-long event is over.

Is this event only for RIAs and Financial Advisors?

Yes and maybe.  The expert speakers work in and/or with RIAs and Top Financial Advisors.  That’s the yes. However, over time, many of the experts have also helped agents, CPAs, and a variety of other non-financial business owners and executives.

Because the Count on Success Summit has been built around building a bigger, better business, a majority of the content we’re presenting could be adapted to other industries. So that’s the maybe.

We know what your struggles are as business owners and as advisors.  We know how you can proactively avert these challenges, too.  The language that will be used during our events will be specific to the financial industry.  That not only means the advisors, but their team, too.

Speaking for myself, I’ve worked with business owners in more than 40 industries.  They’ve been startups all the way to an owner of a 30 million dollar company. It’s all that experience plus the back and front office experience that today helps my advisory clients stand out from the crowd and grow faster than they were able to do on their own.  I’m betting that many of our expert speakers can say something similar.

How Do I Get My Free Gifts?

Just for signing up, you immediately get 3 free gifts from your host, Maria Marsala.   Starting January 1, 2016 to get your free gifts from the speakers, simply follow the link we send you in an email to the gift page.  You can then request any gift you'd like to receive by clicking on the gift box that appears near the description of the gift.

Note:  Free gifts include a complimentary subscription to the speaker’s email newsletter or blog posts.  The Count on Success Summit values your privacy and will not rent, sell, or share your email with any other party.  Our presenters, who we consider to be in integrity also have anti-spam guidelines on their site, too.

What If I Can't Attend The Event When It Takes Place?

Not a problem.  If you aren’t able to attend the event starting at 12:am PST / 3am EST and then have 24 hours to listen or watch it virtually.  You’ll get an email notice of when it starts and a notice a few hours before it ends.  If you miss an event during the 24-hour window you may buy one event for $27 or purchase the whole event for either $97 while the event is going on or $147 after the month long event is over.

What Are The Qualifications Of The Speakers?

Each speaker’s biography and topic are provided on the main Count on Success Summit Home page and Agenda page as downloads.  Speakers were selected based on the relevance of their topic and experience with addressing the particular practice management and growth needs of RIAs and Financial Advisors.

Do I Need To Have Any Special Equipment To Attend?

Count on Success Summit is a virtual, online summit. You’ll need the same equipment you use if you’re watching YouTube videos. You’ll be able to listen to the audio format that some speakers have chosen or watch and listen to videos from other speakers.

Where Do I Find the Presentation Information For Each Day?

You’ll receive the information each morning.  You’ll also be able to download an agenda to print and use in your office.  And yes, you can have your entire office listen to the day’s event.

What If I Want To Ask a Speaker A Question?

We’re expecting a large audience and that brings lots of technical problems unless we leave the voice lines closed.  However, once you register, you’ll be taken to the Gift page.  On the Gift page you’ll have access to many of the speakers (or their assistants') email addresses.

The speakers will do their best to answer you directly and honestly.   And it is possible that if your question deserves a more in-depth answer, they may suggest that you hire them to help you tackle it.  After all, like you, they’re paid for the knowledge and experience they bring to the table.

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